South Yorkshire power man Dan’s bid for national strongman title

Strongman Daniel Shirt in training
Strongman Daniel Shirt in training
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WHEN it comes to shifting great big lumps you can put your shirt on this fella.

Bouncer Dan Shirt, from Beighton relaxes after work by chucking heavy things about.

You’ll find him most days down at the Evolution Gym in Westfield.

And when he’s not in the gym he’s outside playing with 250lb Atlas Balls as if they were marbles or pulling 20 tonne articulated trucks along the car park

It’s all part of Dan’s training for the forthcoming Britain’s Natural Strongman Competition which will take place in Herfordshire at the end of next month.

Representing Yorkshire it’s the first time the 29-year-old, 19 stone, six foot giant has reached the final.

And he’ll be pleased to finish in the top half – but next year he’s going for gold.

Dan who lives with his partner, Lauren and has two kids. Travis, four, and Tate, 11, fell into the Strongman competition quite by accident.

He said: “I started off training to lose weight and get fit but as I got to know Evolution owner Jon he encouraged me to begin bodybuilding and put me on the right path with nutrition and training.

“I soon realised bodybuilding was probably not the best thing for me as I don’t seem to be able to stick to the strict diet that is needed to accomplish the results necessary to get on stage.

“However, strongman is a lot more up my street. Although you still need to follow a certain nutrition plan, it is not as strict and a lot easier to stick to.

“So, I started to change my training to a more strongman style which is when I met my training partner Lee Parks who organises all my training sessions and pushes me through them with no mercy.

He added: “He is ex-Army so you get no sympathy, which is what is needed in a strongman.”

Dan said the most important part of his training was warming up properly.

“You have to have a really good warm-up, otherwise the injuries can be very serious.

“It’s important too that I get the proper amount of protein. I have five or six protein shakes each day – about 300 grammes – whereas the average amount is 40 grammes.”