South Yorkshire Police officer saved life of fan left for dead at Hillsborough

The gym at Hillsborough was used as a temporary morgue
The gym at Hillsborough was used as a temporary morgue
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A former South Yorkshire Police officer saved the life of a young fan who was left with ‘dead’ bodies in the gym at Hillsborough, the new inquests have heard.

Former PC Richard Brougham was on road traffic duties on April 15 1989 but made his way to the ground and was sent onto the pitch as the disaster began to unfold.

The jury heard he went to the gymnasium, which became a temporary mortuary on the day, at around 3.20pm and saw casualties being brought there, with some being laid outside, some of whom Mr Brougham believed to be dead.

While standing there, the inquests heard a youth called out to Mr Brougham saying, “Look at him, I don’t know if he’s dead, I don’t think he is.”

Questioning him on behalf of families who lost loved ones, Judy Khan QC asked “Did it appear to you, given the circumstances, that that young man and the others in that area had been left there for dead?”

Mr Brougham replied: “I think that’s why they were there.”

Ms Khan read out part of one of Mr Brougham’s statements about the situation outside the gymnasium.

Mr Boroughton said: “I just remember we grabbed him and pulled him out. I saw that he had stopped breathing. I was of the opinion that he was dead.

“I then performed the kiss of life. After doing this I again checked the body and believe I felt a pulse.”

The court heard how a doctor came over and the youth was sent to hospital.

Mr Brougham later found out who the youth was and received a letter from his parents thanking him for what he did on the day.

Ms Khan said: “There is no question, is there, that you saved that young man’s life, didn’t you?”

Mr Brougham, who confirmed he didn’t receive any formal orders or instructions, said: “I think I was involved in saving his life, yes”,

He added he only paid attention to the man because the fan had shouted over to him that he didn’t think he was dead.

The hearing continues.