South Yorkshire police chiefs sign covenant

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South Yorkshire Police has signed The Armed Forces Community Covenant.

Organisations which sign the covenant pledge to help the local military community.

Deputy Chief Constable Andy Holt said: “South Yorkshire Police is committed to supporting the covenant through signposting the veterans we come across, some of whom are experiencing real hardships, to the appropriate services or charity.

“We now have a network of officers who are available to assist their colleagues in making that support available through liaising with contacts in the local authority, the NHS and service charities.

“It is hoped that by meeting the needs of our veterans we can do what we can to ease their transition to civilian life and support people who have put themselves on the line protecting our country.”

Wayne Kirkham, for the National Veterans Mental Health Network for the NHS, who attended the covenant signing ceremony in Sheffield, said: “It is so pleasing to see South Yorkshire Police coming on board and recognising that we need to do just that little bit more for our veterans.

“It’s not about putting special services in place, it’s about meeting the needs of the support of the veterans and their families needs in a time of crisis or another time.

“The amount of work already taken place and the amount work that is in the plan for the future is pleasing.”

Christine Majer, the Scrutiny Officer for Rotherham Borough Council, which signed two years ago, said: “It’s very important that we support veterans because some of them don’t always make the transition from military life to civilian life, and the covenant demonstrates that the organisations are there to give them that little bit of help if they need it.”