South Yorkshire Police in bid to reduce burglaries

Police chiefs in South Yorkshire have issued advice on how to avoid being burgled over the summer.

Tuesday, 12th July 2016, 10:39 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 5:37 pm
Police hope to reduce burglaries in South Yorkshire

As part of a new awareness raising campaign to run over the summer, police chiefs hope a series of new security messages will have an impact on burglary figures.

Superintendent Scott Green said: “We’re encouraging everyone to be wise about home and garden security this summer, to help reduce crime across the county.

"Taking simple steps such as making sure the front door is locked when you’re in the garden, or keeping valuables and car keys hidden, can help you protect your property.

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"If you’re going on holiday, consider not ‘checking in’ on social media to show that you’re away, as this advertises that you’re leaving your home empty.

"Likewise, waiting until you’ve returned from your travels to post holiday photos to social media reduces the risk of letting everyone know that your property is unoccupied."