South Yorkshire paedophile jailed for 17 years six months

Stephen Noy  was jailed for 17 years
Stephen Noy was jailed for 17 years
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Paedophile Stephen Noy was jailed for 17 years and six months for grooming and abusing two girls.

Judge Rosalind Coe QC said the 57-year-old former publican had been found guilty of ‘massively abusing’ the pair in the 1980s and 90s.

Noy, of Bernard Road, Edlington, Doncaster, had denied seven counts of indecent assault and two of having sex with a girl under the age of 13.

The week-long trial ended when the jury found him guilty of all charges. They took two hours to reach their verdicts at Nottingham Crown Court.

Noy will spend the rest of his life on the Sex Offenders’ Register. He will be freed from jail half way through the sentence but will be on licence.

The judge told him: “There are almost no mitigating factors at all. You had your trial and made these young women go through the experience of having to give evidence and be cross-examined.

“These matters occurred a very long time ago and I have to take that into account.”

The judge said there were ‘very many aggravating features’. One victim had suffered problems before she met Noy and fell victim to his sexual abuse.

He then used her troubled background during the trial to try TO discredit her.

His abuse had ‘a lifelong effect in terms of her mental and physical wellbeing, in her relationships, in terms of her family life and in particular her career’.

The second girl was forced into having sex with Noy before she was old enough to attend school.

The judge added: “Your grooming took place over many years, using all sorts of psychological tricks.”

Noy was banned for life from working with girls under 16. He must have no unsupervised contact with girls up to that age.

The jury was told Noy was given a police caution for the indecent assault of another girl under 14 before the charges which led to this trial.

Kevin Jones, defending, said: “There is little I can say in terms of remorse and the like. He had his trial.

“The aggravating features are many – age and the grooming elements. This clearly is one of the more serious offences of its type. This has to be a very significant sentence.”

But he said the offences took place many years ago and Noy had not been in trouble since then.

During the trial, the prosecutor Robert Underwood described Noy as a ‘predatory paedophile unable to contain his lustful desires’. Video interviews of both women were played in court before they were questioned by the defence.

Both had earlier reported Noy’s abuse. One was deterred by a social worker and the other decided not to pursue her allegations after speaking to a police officer. He said it would be ‘her word against his’ and difficult to prove.

When one girl heard that the other’s allegations were being doubted, she backed her and said that she had also been a victim of Noy, the trial was told.

Det Sgt Nikki Smith, who led the investigation, said: “These children were coerced into keeping their silence as Noy made them think that the horrific attacks he carried out were to be expected.

“This allowed him to construct a web of secrecy in which the children felt they could not escape.

“These children, who are now adults, have been through untold psychological and emotional difficulty in their lives and it is a testament to their bravery that this man has been found guilty.

“I hope this case highlights that our officers will do everything they can to bring to justice those who commit these terrible crimes, whether it happened yesterday or decades ago.”

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