South Yorkshire nuisance motorbike gang smashed in police operation

Nuisance off-road motorbike riders were targeted as part of a police crackdown operation yesterday.

Officers seized one bike as they carried out targeted patrols in Bolton-upon-Dearne, Manvers, Grimethorpe, Great Houghton, Carlon, Athersley and Royston.

Those riding motorbikes and quad bikes on public land were spoken to, with officers advising of the possible consequences they could face if they persist in riding their bikes in those areas.

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Sergeant Brad Wynne said: "Officers patrolling the sites were clearly a deterrent for those who arrived on bikes as they were turned away and did not return. We spoke to a number of bikers and explained that if caught riding illegally on public land, they could be fined and have their bike seized.

"From early January, officers are relocating to several stations across Barnsley, including Goldthorpe, Royston and Kendray, and will work to plan operations against the use of motorbikes and quads on public land.

“We received really positive feedback from the public who were out and about at the time of the operation, and were in full support of it.

“With their help, we can continue to tackle this problem and I’d ask anyone with information about who is riding the bikes, to contact us.”