South Yorkshire mums take over working men's club

Louisa Staniland's three children have suffered from respiratory problems all their lives. Now she's joining forces with a host of over twenty other South Yorkshire mums to fundraise for Sheffield Children's Hospital has taken such good care of them.

Wednesday, 22nd June 2016, 10:00 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 8:36 pm

“From the day my eldest Anais was born four years ago, we’ve had to deal with doctors, nurses and sick children,” says Louisa. “Anais suffers from subglottic stenosis which means she has a narrow windpipe which makes it hard for her to breathe normally. She’s had to go through five surgeries so far to try and correct it as well as nasal sprays and long courses of antibiotics and steroids.”

“We’re also in the hospital a lot for my 18-month-old twin sons, Milo and Ned. My youngest twin Milo has got quite a severe oral motor delay so he couldn’t eat until he was nearly a year old and he still finds it really difficult to formulate sounds and words. His brother Ned also has respiratory problems and his last surgery was just a few weeks ago.”

“Despite the health problems that my three have to face, the staff at the children’s hospital are so helpful that we hardly ever feel panicked or worried. Everyone explains things so clearly and they’re always happy to answer any questions we have. It’s something that we know is part of our lives at the moment and hopefully won’t be in the future – but if it is we’re under the best care.”

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Louisa and her children return to Sheffield Children’s Hospital several times a month for procedures, check-ups and operations. With the hospital being so close to her heart, Louisa is now planning a fundraising coffee and craft morning for Bake it Better Day, alongside her friend Carron Charlesworth – a fellow mother of twins.

“We’re running the day with the help from over twenty mums from the South Yorkshire Multiple Births Association,” says Louisa. “What with the general hustle and bustle of having twins, quite a few of the mums in our society have had to take their children to the hospital before so we had no problem getting people to pitch in and help.”

“We’re just crossing our fingers that a lot of people turn up now,” says Carron. “We’ve got florists, bakers, craft makers and loads more besides so there’s going to be a real range on the day!”

“I’m going to make sure I bring in some cakes for Anais’ nursery,” says Louisa. “She loves knowing that I’m going to be raising money for her hospital!”

The South Yorkshire Multiple Births Association is over 20 years old and exists to support parents throughout the Yorkshire area. The official date for Bake it Better Day is June 24th. Louisa and Carron’s event will be held a week later on July 1st at Crookes Working Men’s club from 10am – 12pm. All proceeds from the day will go towards the Make it Better appeal which is raising vital funds for the new wing of Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

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