South Yorkshire mum's horror after finding live INSECTS inside her Aldi pasta

A South Yorkshire mum was left horrified when she discovered black insects crawling inside a packet of spaghetti she had bought from Aldi.

Ms Dyson's pasta
Ms Dyson's pasta

Charlotte Dyson, of Doncaster, said she bought the packaged spaghetti from Aldi's Barnsley Road store in June whilst she was shopping with her two young children.

However, when she went to open the packet earlier this month, she was disgusted to discover a number of black insects alive inside.

The 22-year-old posted a picture of the packet on Aldi's Facebook page to express her outrage.

She said: "I have opened up my pasta which was bought last month and well in date, to find these little horrible and ALIVE insects inside."

Aldi replied to Charlotte and said they were "so sorry" to see the package before asking her to contact the team with her details.

Charlotte said: "The packet was unopened and I didn't notice the insects when I bought it. I was shopping with my kids so I was just pulling the items off the shelves in a hurry.

"I was making dinner for me and my two kids a couple of weeks ago and immediately noticed all these insects. It was disgusting.

"It was the only pasta we had in the house but I had to throw it out."

Aldi have offered Charlotte a refund but the mum-of-two said she was not impressed with the store's response.

"What if my kids had ate then and I hadn't realised? It was a 30p packet of pasta so a refund isn't good enough," Charlotte said.

"Aldi said that the pasta came from the processing unit and the insects will have grown on the shop floor with the heat.

"They said that the insects are harmless but how do they know that?

"I'm more worried about what would have happened if my kids did eat them. I want to make sure other people are aware of this."

An Aldi spokesperson said: “We were sorry to hear about Ms Dyson’s experiences and have attempted to contact her on a number of occasions to resolve this. We’d encourage her to get in touch with our Customer Services Team.”