South Yorkshire MP calls for troops to be sent home from war

donationCL:''Christopher Bridge
donationCL:''Christopher Bridge
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ROTHERHAM MP Denis MacShane has called for the withdrawal of troops from the ‘unwinnable’ war in Afghanistan - claiming soldiers are being ‘sacrificed’.

The Labour MP spoke out in the House of Commons following a spate of deaths over recent days in which allied troops have been killed.

Mr MacShane, a former Foreign Minister, expressed his views when Defence Secretary Philip Hammond insisted the partnership between UK troops and the Afghan National Security Forces would not be derailed despite the threat of attacks from rogue soldiers and police officers they are trying to train.

He said: “Why are we still allowing our soldiers to be sacrificed to no evident purpose?”

“They have died in an unwinnable conflict for an unobtainable end, to no strategic benefit for our country.

“It does no honour at all to those who sacrificed their lives to heap more bodies on the funeral pyre.”

But Mr Hammond insisted the work of UK soldiers was vital to prevent Afghanistan returning to being a base for international terrorism.

He said: “Our strategy is clear - we are mentoring and training the Afghan army and police to deliver security to their own people. This will allow our forces first to withdraw into a support role and then to come home.”

Nicolette Williams, 48, whose son Christopher Bridge, was killed at war in 2007, said: “I agree it is time for the troops to be brought back home.

“They can’t stay there indefinitely and each time another soldier is killed it brings it all back to me - the pain never goes away, it gets worse with time.”