South Yorkshire money launderer must pay back illicit gains

Shane Darlington
Shane Darlington
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Crime hasn’t paid for a South Yorkshire money launderer who has been ordered to stump up more cash under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Shane Darlington was jailed for 27 months in 2010 after police found £111,000 in his loft, £20,000 in his laundry basket, £10,000 in a music system speaker and £5,000 in a computer.

The 32-year-old, of Park Grove, Barnsley, had also scattered £1,000 in coins around his bedroom and dumped £3,000 under a bush during a police chase.

Police suspected the money was earned through drug dealing and Darlington was involved in a supply network.

In 2012, Darlington was sentenced to another year in prison after paying back only £30,000 of his illicit gains instead of the £90,000 he’d been told to find.

Sheffield Crown Court heard yesterday that he has £19,282.65 in remaining assets. Some £15,000 is already in police possession and so Judge Julian Goose QC ordered that Darlington must clear a balance of £3,750.

The remaining assets are a TV, watches and some memorabilia worth £500, which will be returned to Darlington and his partner.

If Darlington fails to pay back the amount, he will be jailed for another two months and the balance will remain outstanding.

Det Con Steve Ramsbottom, of South Yorkshire Police said: “For anyone thinking crime pays, think again as it can not only mean a prison sentence but also prove costly in paying back what they have gained from illegal activities.”

When he was originally sentenced, Darlington also received an eight-month concurrent sentence for making a fraudulent mortgage application for a house he was renovating.