South Yorkshire men jailed for nine years for horror death crash

Daniel Raynor
Daniel Raynor
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A driver and passenger involved in a crash which killed four friends have both been jailed for nine years.

Daniel Raynor, aged 23, from Barnsley, was driving a car at around 140mph when it crashed into a quad bike, killing four young friends.

Matthew Todd

Matthew Todd

He and his passenger, Matthew Todd, also 23 and from Barnsley, crashed while taking part in high-speed racing involving a number of people and several vehicles on the A6201 Hemsworth bypass in West Yorkshire in September 2015.

Two groups had travelled from Wakefield and Barnsley to use the stretch of road for racing as spectators watched from the sides of the road and a railway bridge.

Analysis of a satnav in Raynor's Nissan 350Z showed it was doing 140mph at the time of the impact with the quad bike and had reached 144mph on previous runs along the single carriageway road

Both Raynor and Todd admitted four counts of causing death by dangerous driving and were each jailed for nine years at Leeds Crown Court today.

Alexandra Binns

Alexandra Binns

Raynor, who was banned from driving for 15 years, also admitted two counts of dangerous driving.

Ryan Beal, 20, Brandon Brown, 20, Alexandra Binns, 18, and Terrie Louise Kirby, 16, all died in the crash.

They were out celebrating Miss Kirby's birthday when the quad bike they were riding on was struck by Raynor's car, which was travelling in the same direction.

Ten others were also jailed today for between one year and 46 weeks for encouraging dangerous driving.

Terrie Kirby

Terrie Kirby

Clark Henfrey, 20; Stephen Hebden, 23; Mark Mason, 24; Jack Dickinson Ellis; Jake Hackleton, 25; Nathan Jackson, 21 and Jacob Ward, 23, all from Barnsley, were among those sentenced.

Detective Inspector Richard Holmes, of West Yorkshire Police's homicide and major enquiry team, said: "The fatal collision on A6201 near Hemsworth was an absolute tragedy for the families of Brandon Brown, Alexandra Binns, Ryan Beal and Terrie Louise Kirby and the wider community of Upton.

"For so many young lives to be lost in a single incident was truly shocking and it is no exaggeration to say that police officers who dealt with this case have been seriously affected by what they saw and experienced.

"On that tragic night, the car driven by Raynor with Todd as a passenger was recorded at a speeds of 140mph when it hit the quad bike the four were on, causing the devastating injuries we sadly saw.

Brandon Brown

Brandon Brown

"Driving at this speed, on a 60mph road, was an act of utter stupidity and extreme recklessness which frankly beggars belief.

"Raynor posed a massive danger to anyone else he came into contact with on that road and tragically, when he did, the consequences of his actions were devastating.

"Matthew Todd who was present with him in the car similarly faces nine years in prison as a result of his part in this needless tragedy.

“Clearly a number of others have been found of or pleaded guilty to their own participation in the incident and we are pleased they have been or awaiting sentence by the courts.

"Our thoughts continue to be with the families of Ryan, Brandon, Alexandra and Terrie Louise following the huge loss they have suffered."

In a joint statement, the families of the four friends, said: "No sentence will ever make up for what was done to our families on September 27, 2015.

Ryan Beal

Ryan Beal

“We lost sons and daughters just entering the prime of their lives. We lost the chance of seeing the people they would have grown into, and the family lives they could have had.

“The pain of that loss may lessen but it will never go away, and our families will always be left with the knowledge they will never again be whole.

"In our eyes everyone convicted of taking part in racing on that night has to take responsibility for what took place, not just the two men behind the wheel of that Nissan. Why did everyone apart from the two in the Nissan leave the scene of the incident where four young people were dead and dying?

"Using a public road for street racing is dangerous beyond words and, as the death of our children has so tragically proved, can cost lives.

"We hope their loss may at least serve as a warning to others of the terrible consequences of behaving so recklessly.

“Ryan's daughter Ruby has also been left without a father and for her to be given such a short time with her dad is cruel beyond words.

“We are heartbroken with Alexandra’s tragic death, our world will never be the same.

“Losing Brandon has devastated our lives and things will never be the same for our family.

“Terrie Louise was a much loved daughter, granddaughter and sister who will be sadly missed by all including her extended family and friends of Upton. She will be remembered always and forever.

“As families we want to thank all friends and relatives from all over the country for their kindness and generosity. The support they have shown us for more than a year now has been wonderful and has been a source of strength in a time of darkness.

"We are glad the trial has now come to an end and everyone involved in that night has been put before the courts."