South Yorkshire man's 'pasties for paramedics' post shared more than 325, 000 times on Facebook

A Doncaster man's heartfelt appeal for customers to let emergency services staff to jump the queue in shops has gone viral - with more than 325, 000 shares on Facebook.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 31st May 2017, 4:53 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 7:56 pm
Michael Veater with his son Harrison.
Michael Veater with his son Harrison.

Father-of-two Michael Veater had called into the Greggs shop in Wheatley Hall Road for a brew and a sandwich when two paramedics came in and joined the queue.

Just as the two medics got to the till they got a call over the radio to an emergency and had to leave without any food or drink.

Greggs in Doncaster.

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Mr Veater, aged 39, considered this and took to Facebook to sent out a post asking for shops to put a sign up asking customers to let paramedics, police officers and firefighters to jump the queue.

Just a week after he posted it, the message has been shared an incredible 325, 000 times by fellow Facebook users all across the world.

The Campsall man, who works as a highways maintenance assessor, said: "The response has been incredible, I've had messages from people from as far away as America and Australia saying they agree with me. I saw these two paramedics and when they got the call they laughed and said 'we didn't want a drink anyway'.

"I wondered how many times must this happen? I put the post up as I think if everyone just did their bit and let emergency service personnel get to the front of the queue what a help that would be.

Greggs in Doncaster.

"Paramedics save people's lives and they shouldn't go without food or drink all day. In particular when you consider what happened with the terror attack in Manchester, it just shows how important they are and how hard they work."

His original post, uploaded on May 19, stated: "They both rushed out to help someone, possibly even to save someone's life.

"These two paramedics have one of the most important jobs in the world.

"What if we use this social media thing and get people and companies to allow paramedics and other emergency services to jump the queue​ and get served as soon as they come in, so they stand half a chance of a drink and food before they go on their day helping people."

He added the two male paramedics that prompted the post have since been in touch thanking him.

Said Michael: "They said sometimes they don't have time to stop for food or drink much, so they were pleased that I highlighted it.

"I just hope companies and shops all over the world see the post and put a sign up to adopt it as their policy."