South Yorkshire lottery players gripped by £105m jackpot fever

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.
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LOTTERY ticket sales have surged across South Yorkshire ahead of a record-breaking draw tonight that will turn 100 people into millionaires.

One newsagent described sales as having ‘reached fever pitch’ as a big-money Euromillions, timed to coincide with the Olympics, captured the region’s imagination.

Lottery syndicates snapped up tickets in their hundreds for the Millionaire Raffle, which offers a £105 million jackpot as well as promising to create a world-record 100 UK millionaires overnight.

Baxters newsagents, in Crookes, reported selling £2,000 worth of entries to a single syndicate.

Muir Baxter, the owner, said: “We have a lot of syndicates and what some of them do is save up their winnings for an event, and this is the event of the lottery lifetime. It is quite exciting. It’s just caught the imagination. The jackpot is £105m so that would have caused a lot of excitement anyway, then there is the UK-only lottery that they don’t normally do.

“Let’s just hope one of our customers is a winner.”

He said the shop had seen so much additional custom that one member of staff was dedicating time almost exclusively to operating the lottery machine yesterday.

Phil Deman, manager of GT News on Sheffield’s High Street, said his sales had doubled.

“They’ve gone through the roof,” he said. “It has been building over the last few weeks but has really gone big this week. Generally the higher the jackpot the higher the sales, but this type of draw is unprecedented.”

Paper House on Market Place in Doncaster has seen Euromillions sales soar by 75 per cent.

“Business is really booming,” said owner Richard Huby. “I would say it has reached fever pitch. We’re getting the syndicates buying in bulk, spending £100, and that is not just an isolated case.

“We’ve already outsold what we would normally sell for the National Lottery on a Saturday.”