South Yorkshire killer gets 30-years

Cold blooded murder: Martin Fieldhouse intended to shoot his brother.
Cold blooded murder: Martin Fieldhouse intended to shoot his brother.
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A KILLER has been locked up for at least 30 years - for the horrifying ‘execution’ of a father-of-four, shot dead in a case of mistaken identity as he slept in bed next to his family.

Murderer Martin Fieldhouse had intended to shoot his own brother Michael, but got the wrong man.

Instead he shot Lee Gray, aged 32, at point-blank range with a sawn-off shotgun as Mr Gray lay in bed with his partner and three-year-old son at their home in South Yorkshire.

The bullet was fired at such close range it was silenced by Mr Gray’s skull.

His distraught partner Keeley Jo Jones and their son Bailey found his dead body only when they woke just before 7am and discovered their bed covered in blood.

High Court judge Mr Justice Peregrine Simon told the killer: “You intended the cold blooded execution of your brother, and you carried out the cold blooded execution of Lee Gray - a man you had no grievance with.

“Miss Jones’ terror and distress do not need to be imagined - they were evident from the 999 call she made.

“It is clear the child saw his father lying in a pool of blood.”

Sentencing Fieldhouse to life for murder, with a minimum term of 30 years, at Sheffield Crown Court he added: “You have deprived his children of the love and support of a father, and his friends and family of somebody they love.”

Fieldhouse, aged 29, set out to kill his older half-brother after the pair argued on a night out.

He crept into Mr Gray’s house, where his brother was staying, through an open conservatory - a room where Michael usually slept.

Seeing Michael was not there, Fieldhouse went upstairs - and wrongly assumed his brother was the man in bed.

Mr Gray’s mum Jane said afterwards: “Martin didn’t kill Lee - he executed him.

“Not only does he leave behind four children, there is a void in the hearts of his family and friends.

“He was a popular and loving dad and put a smile on everybody’s face.

“These are the memories we will cherish.”

Fieldhouse, of Derwent Crescent, Athersley South, Barnsley, had repeatedly denied killing Mr Gray on March 5, 2011. He said he had never been in the victim’s house on Greenwood Avenue, Worsborough Dale.

He claimed his brother Michael had pulled the trigger over an £80,000 drugs debt.