South Yorkshire 'honour abuse' victim thanks police for help

Police officers are urging victims of honour abuse to come forward
Police officers are urging victims of honour abuse to come forward
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A victim of honour abuse in South Yorkshire has spoken out to urge others to report offences.

The Sheffield woman, who wants to remain anonymous, spoke out as part of a national awareness raising day, involving survivors sharing their experiences.

Charity Karma Nirvana, which provides support and advice to victims of honour based abuse and forced marriage, organised the awareness raising day.

Detective Inspector Karen Hockley said: “Once again we are proud to support the work of Karma Nirvana and play our part in raising awareness of this awful crime, which we know continues to be under-reported across the country.

“I’d urge anyone out there who is suffering from honour based abuse, or if you think you know anyone who may be suffering, to call police.”

The Sheffield victim said: ““The police are seen in a negative manner by many people due to how they enforce the laws of the country. This perception was embedded in me for a long period of time also, but after contacting the police as a last resort because of the difficulties I was facing, this soon changed.

“Culture and honour is something that is misunderstood by many members of today's societies and I understand that it is something that is hard to understand for people that do not go through it.

“When I told the police about what had happened to me and what I had been experiencing, I did not feel judged once and I felt comfortable enough to tell them everything. Being able to open up about such things has always been difficult for me and up until this day I still hesitate to explain my situation to individuals, however I did not and have not felt like this at all with all of the members of staff that I spoke to.

“I hope that individuals that are suffering from similar situations are able to reach out to the police and take their help as it is a decision that I do not regret. I finally feel happy and this would not have been possible if it wasn't for the friendly, helpful nature of the police.”