South Yorkshire high school suffers power cut as pupils sit GCSE exams

Darton College - Google Maps
Darton College - Google Maps
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A high school in South Yorkshire has been forced to send its pupils home early following a power cut.

Darton College, in Barnsley, suffered a power cut earlier today as its Year 11 pupils prepare to take their GCSE exams.

The high school posted on Twitter that it was forced to close the school as a result of the power cut and would be contacting parents.

However, the school said that a Geography GCSE exam which some Year 11 pupils were scheduled to take would still be going ahead.

A statement from Darton College read: "We can confirm that we are now dismissing learners who have permission to leave school.

"We're in the process of contacting parents/carers who've not given prior permission for their child to leave school to collect their child.