South Yorkshire firm welcomes new rules for ‘lone workers’

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Community event.

A new code of practice to help ensure people who work alone are safe while doing their jobs has been welcomed.

The updated British Standard BS8484 lays out requirements for services, devices and alarms to help ensure ‘lone workers’ such as lorry drivers or social workers are safe during their hours of work.

Dinnington-based lone worker specialists Peoplesafe - which makes alarms for people who may find themselves in high-risk situations while dealing with members of the public - has welcomed the move.

Ian Johannessen, managing director, was part of the British Standards Institution committee which reviewed and updated the standard.

He said: “The standard has greatly improved and covers the elements that contribute to lone worker safety in a more comprehensive manner.

“It lays down a clear challenge to lone worker safety providers to proactively manage the integrity of the end to end service, and now auditors will seek clearer evidence that all elements are correct.”

In order to receive accreditation, all service providers in the country are required to adhere to the updated code of practice.

Ian added: “Employing staff who work alone on the frontline is a challenge.

“This standard will undoubtedly encourage more organisations to look carefully at safety systems and culture, and specifically their provision for lone worker safety.”

Peoplesafe will be releasing a guidance document on the new standard in early September.

There are an estimated 6.8 million lone workers in a wide variety of roles across the UK.