South Yorkshire fires round-up: Residents left counting the cost after series of accidental fires

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue.South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue.
South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue.
South Yorkshire residents have been left counting the cost after a number of accidental fires caused damage to their homes.

A pizza left in an over for too long sparked a blaze at a home in Meadowhall Road, Kimberworth, on Christmas Day at 1.20am.

A crew from Rotherham Central Fire Station dealt with the incident and nobody was injured.

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Meanwhile, at around the same time a suspected electrical fault with a washing machine ignited a fire in Canon Hall Road, Fir Vale.

The fire caused smoke damage to the kitchen but all of the occupants got out unharmed. A crew from Elm Lane Fire Station put the blaze out.

An oak beam is believed to have fallen onto a log burner at a home in Westover Road, Hallam, causing smoke to fill the property. Rivelin firefighters were called to the scene on Christmas Day at 1.40pm. Nobody was injured and the fire crew left the scene after 40 minutes.

An overheated oven caused smoke damage to a home in Canal Street, Barnsley town centre, at 2.30am this morning. Crews from Barnsley and Cudworth stations spent 20 minutes tackling the blaze.

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Arsonists set fire to a wheelie bin on land off Cemetery Road, Barnsley town centre, on Boxing Day at 9pm. A crew from Cudworth Fire Station spent 30 minutes putting the fire out.

A car was destroyed after being set alight by yobs in The Homestead, Bentley, at 4.20am this morning.

Adwick firefighters put the blaze out.