South Yorkshire firefighters warn of delays during Tour de France race in Sheffield

Last year's Tour de France winner Chris Froome
Last year's Tour de France winner Chris Froome
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Firefighters are warning Sheffield residents that engines may be delayed when the Tour de France comes to Sheffield.

Letters have been sent to homes on roads which are to be closed for the race on Sunday, July 6.

The letter, sent by South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service’s head of community safety, Kevin Ronan, says: “The Tour de France will be passing close to your home on July 6. This means some of the roads along the route will be closed for a few hours to allow the race to pass safely through your area.

“During these times our emergency response service may be delayed, so as a precaution we’re asking people to please take extra care to prevent fires.

“Smoke alarms offer an early warning in the event of a fire, ensuring you can get out quickly and safely. If you have smoke alarms, please make sure you test them by holding down the ‘test’ button until it beeps.

“Or, if you need alarms fitting as part of a free home safety check, call our hotline on 0114 253 2314.

“If you do need us for an emergency on the day of the race, we will still respond.

“In the event of a fire remember - get out, stay out, and still call 999.”