South Yorkshire firefighters set for another strike

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Fire chiefs are warning of a ‘severely depleted’ 999 service tomorrow - when firefighters take strike action again.

Crews across South Yorkshire are set to walk out between 10am and 5pm in their ongoing dispute with the Government over pensions and job security.

South Yorkshire fire chiefs say four senior fire officers and 36 contingency firefighters - members of the public who have volunteered to help - will provide ‘a basic level of firefighting cover’.

Instead of 19 fire engines being available there will eight in service and three small incident units.

Chief Fire Officer James Courtney said: “Our emergency response service will be significantly reduced during the strike period, so the best way to stay protected is to have working smoke alarms on

every level of your home. If you do discover a fire don’t attempt to tackle it yourself - get out, stay out and still call 999.

“The weather is staying warm, the World Cup is in full swing, so we want people to keep an eye on their cooking, particularly outdoors. Barbecues should be kept well away from anything flammable,

like sheds and trees, and ash should be disposed of carefully and only when it has properly cooled.”

Firefighters spent over 12 hours dealing with a huge blaze involving around 60 bales of hay.

The fire on Brierley Road, Grimethorpe, Barnsley, broke out at 8.30pm on Thursday.