South Yorkshire firefighters rescue 16 children trapped in play equipment

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.
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Sixteen children have been rescued by South Yorkshire firefighters after becoming trapped in play equipment over the last five years.

The figures have been released by fire chiefs to demonstrate the variety of incidents crews are called out to on top of fire emergencies.

Most rescues involved children getting wedged in swings in parks.

Other incidents involved youngsters getting stuck in apparatus including enclosed slides.

The rescues are among the 1,400 ‘special service’ incidents South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue attends each year.

Freeing people trapped in mangled vehicles after collisions, water rescues, flooding incidents, animal rescues and helping people trapped in lifts are also included in the number.

Steve Helps, Head of Emergency Response for South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, said: “It’s simple really. Parents should keep an eye on their children to make sure they are using play equipment which is appropriate to their age, as nearly all of the rescues involved children and teenagers using play equipment they are too big for.

“But it’s also worth remembering that rescues like this form another, unusual aspect of our rescue work, on top of the many fires and traffic collisions we attend each year.

“People probably don’t associate the fire service with rescues like this, but they often require specialist skills and equipment and we wonder which other service could help if our resources weren’t available.”

The last play equipment rescues involved a 16-year-old stuck in a swing on Fitzhubert Road, Manor, Sheffield; a 14-year old stuck in a swing in Coronation Park, Muglet Lane, Maltby; a 12-year-old stuck in a swing on Coronation Road, Balby, Doncaster and a four-year-old stuck in a swing on Gleadless Road, Heeley, Sheffield.