South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue urge people to not visit Hatfield Moors this weekend as they continue to battle the blaze

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue issued a plea for residents to stay away from Hatfield Moors as they battle the blaze for a fifth day.

By Lizzie Day
Friday, 22nd May 2020, 5:58 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd May 2020, 5:59 pm

Firefighters are calling on residents in South Yorkshire to not visit Hatfield Moors this week as emergency workers try for a fifth day to put out the blaze that has destroyed acres of wildlife habitat.

The fire began on Sunday night (May 17) is expected to continue to burn for several days because of high peat levels in the soil.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue have urged those nearby to keep their windows shut, dispose of cigarettes safely and avoid starting a barbeque in the countryside this weekend.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue are calling on residents to avoid the area this weekend.

In a video posted to twitter Chief Fire Officer Alex Johnson said: “It’s going to take days to put out and what we would like to say to people is please don’t come to Hatfield Moorlands and wherever you’re going this weekend, I appreciate you’ve been lockdown, fed up, you want to go out.

“But whatever you do please don’t have barbeques, think about if you’re putting cigarettes out make sure they’re out properly because it only takes a very small spark to start a fire like this which could go on for days.

“These areas are of outstanding beauty and the damage that has been done to the area and the wildlife is just devastating and will take many years to recover.

“Please stay safe, look after yourselves this weekend and think about reducing the fire starting which take up so much of our time – thank you.”