South Yorkshire factory worker wins fight over hearing loss

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A former factory hand whose hearing was damaged by heavy machinery while working for a Sheffield company has won a compensation payout.

Paul Grain was left partially deaf after Sheffield firm Halls and Pickles failed to provide him with protective equipment during his time with the company between 1973 and 1988.

Paul, now aged 57, of Hemingfield, Barnsley, has suffered permanent damage to his hearing and also developed tinnitus, a ringing and buzzing sensation in his ears.

Industrial illness lawyers at Sheffield law firm Irwin Mitchell secured him a four-figure settlement to cover the cost of specialist hearing aids he now needs.

Paul said: “The working environment at Hall and Pickles was always so noisy especially when all 50 or 60 machines on the factory floor were operating at once.

“It was impossible to hear someone over the racket if they were speaking normally, and I always had to shout and raise my voice to communicate with anyone.

“It has been incredibly upsetting and frustrating to gradually lose my hearing in the past few years and it’s definitely had an impact on my confidence.

“I also feel sorry for my family who have to keep repeating themselves for me.”

Sarah Tagg, an industrial deafness specialist at Irwin Mitchell, said: “Paul wasn’t advised or warned about the dangers of noise-induced hearing loss and is now coming to terms with the fact he will never be able to hear properly again.”