South Yorkshire engineer wins cut in prison term

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A CANNABIS farmer caught when the orange glow of his heat lamps was mistaken for a fire has walked free from prison after his sentence was quashed on appeal.

Martin Bamford, aged 27, was caught when a member of the public spotted the glow through curtains and called firefighters.

The dad of a six-year-old son, from Randerson Drive, Rotherham, admitted producing the Class B drug at Doncaster Crown Court in February and was later jailed for six months.

But he walked free after three Court of Appeal judges said he had been too harshly punished.

Mr Justice Burnett cut the sentence to nine weeks which, due to time already served in prison, meant Bamford could walk free immediately.

The court heard the engineer was a cannabis user and had decided to save money by converting a front bedroom into a mini drug farm.

He researched it and spent about £100 on equipment to set up a professional-style hydroponics system and bypass electricity.

Bamford also installed blackout curtains to hide the glow given off by his heating lamps, but ran into problems when they came adrift - and a member of public called the fire service.

Instead of a blaze, firefighters found the mini-farm with 20 plants growing.