South Yorkshire EDL supporter arrested after threatening Muslims with machete in disturbing video

Craig Burgin with his machete
Craig Burgin with his machete
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A South Yorkshire EDL supporter has been arrested after filming himself threatening Muslims with a machete.

*Warning: this video contains strong and upsetting language*

Burgin, from Rotherham, appears in the video brandishing the weapon before warning Theresa May that "there will be a war in England".

He warns the Prime Minister to get the situation sorted out and warned there will be a war if not.

The EDL supporter, who participated in a march with the group back in February, refers to himself throughout the Beefster and makes threatening remarks to Muslims.

Burgin, who is easily identifiable through his facial tattoos, starts the video by saying: "I'm ready for you, scum b******* muzzy c****."

He said: "Bring your bombs, because I'll chop your f****** arms off with this bad boy. This is what we stand for."

Burgin said he has "just sharpened" his machete in the video before kissing it.

Police arrested the 47-year-old yesterday and was charged with racially aggravated public communication.

He is due to appear before Sheffield Magistrates Court this morning.