South Yorkshire crime at lowest level since 1990

Crime:Latest news.
Crime:Latest news.
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CRIME in South Yorkshire is at its lowest level since 1990 – with nearly 8,000 fewer offences reported over the last 12 months compared to the year before.

See tomorrow’s Star for full reaction to the figures.

The latest figures released by South Yorkshire Police show that there were 100,990 offences recorded between October 2010 and last month – down seven per cent on the previous 12 months.

And they also show that over the last four years crime has been cut by a third.

Vehicle crime offences dropped by 16 per cent – 2,317 incidents – to 12,606 over the last year, with 3,006 vehicles stolen and 8,417 broken into. There were also 163 fewer house burglaries last year, with 7,293 reported.

Overall violent crime dropped by 15 per cent, or 2,828 offences, with 15,775 recorded and robberies reduced by 16 per cent, or 160 offences, with 838 recorded.

Gun crime, excluding offences involving air weapons, dropped by 36 per cent, with 114 recorded and knife crime fell by a fifth, with 117 offences logged.

Police figures also showed a nine per cent reduction in sex offences, with 876 recorded and officers logged 19,763 offences of criminal damage – 13 per cent fewer than the year before.

But offences of theft and handling stolen goods rose last year, with 28,213 offences reported over the last 12 months.