South Yorkshire cops left red-faced over ‘polce’ car spelling blunder

The Astra patrol car with the incorrect spelling
The Astra patrol car with the incorrect spelling
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South Yorkshire Police chiefs were left red-faced - after taking delivery of a patrol car emblazoned with a misspelling of the word police.

Chiefs had ordered a new fleet of Astra patrol cars decked out in the force’s emergency colours - but when one of the cars arrived the wording down the side of the vehicle read ‘polce’ rather than police.

Painters who made the gaffe by missing the I out were mocked as the image of the car began to circulate on social media.

The vehicle never actually made it into service after the error was spotted at a delivery yard and the mistake has now been rectified.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “The spelling error was identified immediately by staff who took delivery of the new vehicles.

“The error was rectified the following day.”