South Yorkshire college launches house system

On Wednesday June 29 Dearne ALC launched the House System, and what a day it was.

Students and staff spent the whole day off their normal timetable to fully immerse themselves in the House System.

The “sorting hat” placed both students and staff into houses at the very start of the day and from that moment on, the houses truly came to life . The houses named Griffin, Phoenix, Sphinx, Pegasus and Titan totally blew us away with their creativity, imagination and enthusiasm.

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Each of the houses showed us their unique personality during a presentation at the end of the day with their Dearne values, their house motto, logo, song, dances and much, much more. Competitions at the end of the day showed a fantastic team spirit with teams cheering one another on to win house points. 

This week officially sees the games begin and the houses competing to become the champions for this term. The question is.... who will it be ??