South Yorkshire chief pledges on hate crime

Shaun Wright, Police Crime Commissioner.
Shaun Wright, Police Crime Commissioner.
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South Yorkshire’s police and crime commissioner has pledged to end disability hate crime.

Shaun Wright took charity Mencap’s ‘stand by me’ pledge which is committed to the topic.

He said: “Disability hate crime is a despicable, pointless crime.

“Anyone who continues to engage in such offensive behaviour to others within their communities should be aware it will not be tolerated.

“I have pledged both in my police and crime plan, and here in Mencap’s police and crime commissioner pledge, that I will continue to work hard in combatting crime against vulnerable people.

“By signing up to the campaign, I endorse that I give my full support, both in South Yorkshire and nationally, that I will help Mencap achieve their aim of stamping out disability hate crime in a generation.”

Mencap has already had police services – including South Yorkshire’s – sign up to a promise that will help to ensure people with a learning disability can live free from the fear of hate crime.

Rossanna Trudgian, Mencap head of campaigns and activism, said: “As many as nine out of 10 people with a learning disability have experienced hate crime.

“This is disgraceful and must stop.”