South Yorkshire Chief Constable vows openness over sackings

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SOUTH Yorkshire Police’s top officer is to publicise details of staff dismissed from the force on disciplinary grounds.

From Monday, April 1, officer dismissals will be published on the South Yorkshire Police website.

Chief Constable David Crompton said: “The force is committed to being open and transparent.

“I have consistently said we take integrity matters seriously and want to make it clear to the public we will be making it much easier for them to see the detail about officers dismissed when serious misconduct is proven.

“This type of information is available in other professions and it is appropriate for us to move in a similar direction.

“The majority of the force’s officers act professionally and with integrity at all times. They do a fantastic job, but sometimes a small minority let us down.

“The respect of the public has to be earned; by publishing the action taken against officers who do not meet the high standards expected by the public and the force, we intend to show South Yorkshire Police does not shy away from taking decisive action.

“For the most serious of instances of misconduct, we always cooperate fully with agencies such as Independent Police Complaints Commission and the Crown Prosecution Service.”