South Yorkshire businessman fails in sentence appeal

Omar Sadique
Omar Sadique
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A man who used his business as a smoke screen to supply cutting agents to drug gangs has failed to get his convictions quashed.

Omar Sadique, aged 30, was jailed for eight years in 2012 for playing a key role in a drug supplying network.

He used his Ecclesfield-based firm, OA Supplies, to supply chemical cutting agents to drug gangs.

The chemicals were used to dilute illegal drugs to increase their street value to dealers, including a mob in Kent, where police smashed the ring and discovered Sadique’s connection.

Two years before Sadique was arrested the Serious and Organised Crime Agency wrote to him making it ‘absolutely crystal clear’ that he was under close supervision and was committing a potentially serious criminal offence.

But Sadique ignored the warning and continued to trade in cutting agents.

Jurors were told ‘the supply of such chemicals is an essential element in the chain of supply of drugs’.

Sadique, of Regent Street, Kimberworth, Rotherham, challenged his convictions for assisting in the supply of Class A and Class B drugs at London’s Court of Appeal.

But three senior judges – including the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, Lord Judge – rejected his appeal.

Lord Judge, the country’s most senior judge, said: “Sadique’s defence was that he ran a legitimate business dealing in chemicals, which he was perfectly entitled to supply, and he had no idea that they were being sold or supplied as cutting agents.

“He did so in the face of an earlier warning that the chemicals must not be misused for these purposes.

“The business was prolific.

“Chemicals were delivered nationwide for many months.

“He played a significant part in the proliferation of drugs.”

Lord Judge told the court: “Sadique was properly convicted of this offence.”

Michael Mansfield QC, representing Sadique, also argued that the sentence received was ‘excessive.’

The barrister claimed that his business had initially been straight – but the judges also dismissed that appeal.