South Yorkshire benefits cheat ordered to pay back money owed

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A WOMAN has been ordered to pay back £16,000 in benefits she claimed fraudulently while living with her working partner.

Lindsey Jones, aged 34, was also given a six-week prison term suspended for 12 months, must carry out 100 hours of community service, and pay £200 in costs.

Magistrates heard she failed to declare that her partner, who was working, was living with her while she raked in Income Support, Employment Support Allowance, housing and council tax benefit. In total she claimed over £16,000 to which she was not entitled, between November 2010 and May last year.

Jones, of Blythe Street, Wombwell, Barnsley, admitted failing to inform both Barnsley Council and the Department of Work and Pensions of her true circumstances.

Fellow benefit cheat Kelvin Philipson, aged 50, was also dealt with by magistrates.

Philipson, of Honeywell Lane, Barnsley, was caught following a joint investigation by Barnsley Council and the Department for Work and Pensions.

Despite working for an employment agency, he failed to declare his income and claimed benefits of more than £10,000.

When interviewed he said he was of the belief he was allowed to work a certain number of hours without his benefit payments being affected.

Investigations established Philipson had worked since May 2010 and not declared any of his hours.

He pleaded guilty to benefit fraud and was sentenced to 200 hours of unpaid work, plus payment of court costs of £420.

And Stephen Falkingham, 53, of The Willows, Oxspring, Barnsley, was also sentenced for failing to declare additional income from an annuity while claiming housing and council tax benefit.

He admitted he had started to receive income from the annuity in 2009 - while at the same time claiming £2,570 in housing benefit and £799 in council tax benefit between September 2009 and August 2012.

Magistrates gave him a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered him to pay costs of £200.