South Yorkshire angler Paul ends summer league with a hat-trick

The culmination of the Park Angling Club's summer league, the Decoy Lakes weekender, saw excellent catches all round plus an outstanding hat-trick of wins for Paul Beresford.

Thursday, 26th July 2018, 3:07 pm
Updated Thursday, 26th July 2018, 3:12 pm
Paul Beresford

However, it wasn’t wasn’t quite enough to secure him the league title. That honour went to Paul Stanton.

Match One: Beastie Lake: Paul Beresford declared his intentions in the first match catching short and then along the margins presenting banded six and 8mm pellets. Result: 1. P Beresford 139-0; 2. P Stanton 96-0; 3. A McCurdy 85-0; 4. P Jackson 71-0; 5. R Hill 70-0; 6. B Meluish 66-0.

Andy Creighton

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Match Two: Oak Lake: Setting the club’s highest weight of the season in the shape of a double ‘ton’, Paul Beresford finished 120lbs clear of runner-up Ian Akroyd who’s first ever ‘ton’ catch was made up of mostly barbel. Winner Beresford used identical tactics to the previous day. Result: 1. P Beresford 223-0; 2. I Akroyd 103-0; 3. P Jackson 87-0; 4. L Taylor 81-0; 5. R Jackson 62-0; 6. D Meluish 62-0.

Match Three: Float Fish Farm: Beresford’s hat-trick was another comfortable one, despite a complete change in tactical approach. Casting a method feeder tight to an island for carp produced a third consecutive hundred-pound-plus weight. Result: 1. P Beresford 123-0; 2. M Kelk 94-0; 3. R Hill 81-0; 4. A Mc Curdy 70-0; 5. P Stanton 69-0; 6. D Meluish 68-0.

Final League Positions: 1. P Stanton; 2. P Bersford; 3. R Hill; 4. A Mc Curdy; 5. Dave Meluish; 6. P Jackson.

Pairs League: 1. R Hill and B Harvey; 2. P Jackson and R Jackson; 3. A McCurdy and A Smith. Sheffield’s Park AC is looking for new members. The Park club has some decent anglers in its ranks and runs an individual league based over a series of matches. If you fancy giving them a try call Paul Stanton on 07980 237803.

Houghton Main AC

Bank End Fisheries, Match Lake

Andy Creighton shattered Houghton’s match record with a thumping 217lbs 12oz net of carp fishing shallow with maggots at Peg 14.

Had it not been for his runaway success the rest would have been fishing a fabulously tight competition with no more than one fish separating each of the leading places.

Result: 1. A Creighton 217-12; 2. P Seasons 90-6; 3. V Molyneux 86-2; 4. P Turner 78-3; 5. B Molyneux 70-15; 6. R Chorlton 70-2.

Houghton Main AC

Woodhouse Grange, Kingfisher Lake

A nail-biting climax saw Paul Crooks edge this one in the closing minutes fishing shallow with casters at Peg 22.

Runner-up Ray Chorlton caught on corn in the margins.

Result: 1. P Crooks 84-12; 2. R Chorlton 83-2; 3. V Molyneux 73-5; 4. R Burgin 63-7; 5. S Law 63-2; 6. B Ainley 57-14.

Batchelors AC

Janson Fishery, Match Lake

With each angler in the top 6 topping 120lbs, this was some match and pity the poor scalesman who had the job of weighing in. Steve Lockton was comfortably clear at the finish catching carp on pole and corn at Peg 25 but every other place was closely contested in a match dominated by the pole.

Result: 1. S Lockton 168-10; 2. M Morris 140-0; 3. G Morris 132-2; 4. A Quick 131-12; 5. A Jardine 125-6; 6. J Eves 121-2.

Everest AC

Portland Waters, 4 Islands Lake

Scorching hot conditions brought the fish high in the water where John Stocks took full advantage of a good draw on one of the inner pegs pole fishing at 13 metres with a dibber float set 12 inches deep presenting a banded 6mm pellet hookbait. Result: 1. J Stocks 167-13; 2, N Bennett 97-13; 3. S Easton 94-10.

Woodseats AC

Sherwood Forest Farm, Sherwood Lake

A rock hard challenge in the intense heat saw Mick Burkinshaw claim a narrow win with just two carp and a few skimmers fishing down the margin at peg 20. Result: 1. M Burkinshaw 26-4; 2. M Holmes 23-10; 3. G Turner 21-0.

Woodseats AC

Lindholme Lakes, Laurels Lake

With F1 carp feeding high in the water a decent draw was always going to play into the hands of Mark Holmes who is rarely beaten when fishing shallow with casters.

Result: 1. M Holmes 188-12; 2. S Bestall 103-2; 3. J Skinner 81-4.

Woodseats AC

Lindholme Lakes, Beeches Lake

Two on the bounce for Mark Holmes, again fishing shallow with casters for F1 carp, this time from Peg 35. Result: 1. M Holmes 170lb-10; 2. S Gaston 148-4; 3. Brian Hall 146-2.