South Yorkshire angler Kelk enjoys his visit to Aston Split Pond

All the leading weights were centred around the top end of the lake in the high numbers when Pitsmoor Angling Club fished at Aston Split Pond.

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Friday, 3rd August 2018, 11:06 am
Updated Friday, 3rd August 2018, 11:08 am

But it was Liam Kelk at Peg 38 who showed the way catching on pellets at the bottom of the near shelf using a top two plus two sections rounding off his winning performance with a few carp on corn from the margins.

Result: 1. L Kelk 87-9; 2. M Hanwell 73-7; 3. A Cussworth 66-13; 4. M Lake 65-12; 5. W Frith 40-8; 6. S Fidworth 39-2.

Ranch Fishing Club

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Messingham Sands, Swan Pond

‘Mugging’ carp is a very effective method in hot conditions. You spot a cruising carp and lower a bait in front of it using a pole hoping to sucker it. This certainly worked for Pete Spooner during the opening 2 hours of Ranch’s match but the ploy is not without risks as he found out after hooking a carp estimated to weigh around 15 pounds. The result was a smashed pole leaving him to spend the rest of the match fishing short, down the edge. Hopefully his winning might cover the cost of breakages.

Result: 1. P Spooner 139-12; 2. L Crothers 103-3; 3. L Jones 9-15; 4. M Baliey 89-9; 5. D Rose 7-9; 6. K Walker 69-9.

Ranch Fishing Club

Springvale Fisheries, Duchess Lake

Having kicked off fishing caster at 10 metres for ide, Mark Smith switched to fishing paste over pellets using a top 2 plus two sections for carp. The 18-pounder that turned up was quite a shock and that one fish was pretty much his margin of victory over runner-up Les Jones.

Result: 1. M Smith 72-6; 2. L Jones 55-13; 3. D Rose 50-13; 4. M Saxton 37-0; 5. K Walker 30-5; 6. D Ridgeway 28-4.

Arnies AC

Ferryboat Fisheries, Denaby

Three wins in a row for former Club Match Angler Champion Brian Searles catching silvers and small crucian carp fishing shallow with maggots. Runner-up Alan Redfern had carp averaging four to 5lbs on bomb and pellet.

Result: 1. B Searles 70-5; 2. A Redfern 54-10; 3. S Hinson 44-11; 4. P Hattersley 39-5; 5. N Cooper 26-0; 6. RRoger Foster 25-11.

Arnies AC

Springvale Fisheries, Duke Lake

An easy win for Simon Grayson who had ide on caster and worms fished shallow.

Result: 1. S Grayson 67-9; 2. S Hinson 48-0; 3. P Hattersley 46-10; 4. R Foster 43-9; 5. M Bailey 42-9; 6. M Saxton 25-10.

Tuesday Club

Hayfield Lakes, Danny’s Lake

A stroll in the park for Alan Harrison who caught carp fishing 8mm pellets on the feeder before switching to the pole and paste in the edge at Peg 5.

Result: 1. A Harrison 184-5; R Turner 106-7; 3. B Richardson 95-6; 4. K Walters 93-3.

Farm Road Fishing Club

Sykehouse Fisheries, Match Lake.

Result: 1. N Francis 131-3; 2. J Biggin 118-8; 3. K George 111-4.

Homestead AC Weekender

Day One: Decoy Lakes, Beastie Lake

Scorching temperatures and a complete lack of breeze failed to slow down Phil Chapman who powered to resounding win, 75lbs clear of second placed Russ Brown. Kicking off on long pole and pellet he had a string of F1 carp then really turned up the heat when he came inside switching between his left and right margins for both carp and barbel.

Result: 1. P Chapman 167-8; 2. R Brown 92-6; 3. P Spooner 90-14; 4. A Beighton 84-15; 5. G Herbert 83-3; 6. T North 80-8.

Day Two: Decoy Lakes, Oak Lake

Pete Spooner took full advantage of a peg with good features in the margins plundering carp to 13lbs on dead red maggots and an easy win.

The ‘Ginger Jigger’ Dave Wadsworth worked hard fishing pellet shallow at 13 metres for a net of F1 carp to finish a good distance short of the winner allowing Spooner to take the overall weekend win.

Result: 1. P Spooner 135-13; 2. D Wadsworth 89-7; 3. D Reynolds 84-11; 4. C Rusling 83-8; 5. G Herbert 78-7; 6. R Brown 72-13.

Noahs Ark AC

Messingham Sands, Island Lake

Island was in excellent form for the Arc’s visit with an average weight of over 60lbs per angler placed on the scales. ‘Loud’ Russ Derrett led the field using dead maggots over groundbait in the margins.

Second was Big H of Intake Angling with 109lb

Result: 1. R Derrett 116-13; 2. B Head 109-4; 3. A Hopkinson 88-4; 4. D Lowe 86-15; 5. B Moat 77-14; 6. J Hibberd 75-6.

White Lion AC

Swanlands, Thorne

Fishing the margins with red maggots over groundbait produced a winning catch for Mark Holmes at Peg 22.

Result: 1. M Holmes 156-4; 2. M Todd 138-2; 3. D Tomkinson 109-10.

Woodseats AC

Moorfields, Goole

More and more anglers are switching to using mussels in the warm weather and it paid of handsomely for Kev Pinder who caught all-day long for a near triple-ton weight at peg 11. Result: 1. K Pinder 275-6; 2. D Caton 163-2; 3. S Holberry 148-5.