Sour state of bins

Bin at Starbucks, Orchard Square
Bin at Starbucks, Orchard Square
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MOST people would agree recycling is more important than ever, so it was a concern to see this sight at Starbucks, Orchard Square.

Those plastic milk bottles look as if they’re in a general mixed waste and food bin.

Are they going to be put in the plastics recycling - or are they heading for landfill?

A Starbucks spokeswoman said: “Cardboard and plastics are recycled as part of the Orchard Square waste management services.

“Where Starbucks does not control the waste management we work with the centre teams to minimise our impact on landfill.”

Orchard Square manager Ken Hetherington said it was up to shop staff to segregate items and bin bags came in from stores already sealed.

He added: “We haven’t got the staff to go through them all.”

But the Square’s waste operator recycled 92 per cent or rubbish by weight, he added.