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The bin saga continues, and so does some people’s need to take the moral high ground.

ST (Feb 21) wonders why people ask why they can’t put paper in their blue bin, ‘as it is now up to people whether they use the blue bin or the blue box’.

Despite what ST might think, we are not all stupid and we do know the situation. The blue bin/box swap is currently being trialed in some areas, but not others. My area is not included in this trial. We do not have a choice.

The reason why people still complain is that they are still having to hump these ludicrous boxes, containing two weeks of paper, to the kerb.

The boxes came with an elasticated hood, but as the elastic went after about two months, the hoods no longer stay over the boxes when it’s windy. My box is currently full of paper which, following bad weather, is soaking wet and weighs a ton.

The bottom of the box was swimming in water which I had to pour out before I could even attempt to lift it.

For the record, this area has never had a green bin either, so you can understand people asking how they are supposed to dispose of garden waste with a fortnightly black bin collection. I suspect many filtered their green waste into their black bin in the past. It seems some readers feel the need to deride others who have different waste collection needs to themselves, as if everyone should be the same. It’s not a competition!

It would be more to the point if people aired their views to the council, who seem to be dragging out the waste problems more to score political points than anything. I thought Labour had learned a lesson when they lost the council a few years ago and were now the ‘listening party’.

Apparently I was wrong. No wonder people are disaffected by politics. No matter who we vote for, they just do what they want and to hell with the wishes of the people they supposedly represent. For goodness sake, get the bin situation sorted out. It’s becoming a complete farce.

S Collins, Shiregreen