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If Mr Cameron and his government want to do anything worthwhile in the next five years, they need to tackle the rip-off antics of the energy companies.

I am on prepayment meters for both gas and electric because I find it easier than having a large bill every so often. I know we already are ripped off by paying to have these meters in but was flabbergasted to find out I have to pay for using no gas.

What happened was, for some reason we had forgotten to top up the gas card, so when the gas went at about 10pm last night we decided not to bother with emergency gas because you get charged for the privilege of using it. So we decided to wait while the morning to top the card up. The next morning I topped the card up and put it on the meter. Imagine my surprise when I was deducted 26p for not using any gas.

So Mr Cameron get onto these energy companies and sort the greedy so and sos out. The price of energy is bad enough without having to pay for not using it.


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