Sorry folks, but you had your chance to cast your vote

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Let’s see, we have a new £18 million soulless, half empty giant warehouse that passes for a market, while the old Castle Market will probably stand decaying for years because the council will say it will cost too much to knock it down.

Half the shops around the Moor were bought up by the council and all the shop owners were moved on.

Now, because of the failure of the Sevenstones project, we have a host of empty buildings tarted up with bits of artwork to make it look as if they are actually open for business.

Surely the council could have bought these properties and then short leased them back to the shop owners until Sevenstones was ready to commence?

We’ve watched them knock down Don Valley Stadium because they couldn’t afford to run it, but they have just spent a fortune on laying all new pavements and building a garden on Spital Hill, an area that’s already had money spent on it.

Perhaps the council would like to pop along to Firth Park and lay new pavements there before someone breaks their neck on the mish-mash of uneven Tarmac, concrete and flagstones?

Shiregreen was the first area to have its roads resurfaced two years ago, but despite Coun Scott’s assertion (Star June 2) that the roads are looking better in Sheffield, it’s not finished because the main roads which circle the estate won’t be done until about 2017.

Sheffield people have been complaining about the problems of this city for years, and continue to do so.

Well, sorry folks, but you had your chance recently to cast your vote and change the council, but you didn’t.

A great number of you couldn’t be bothered to vote, or you were one of the voting majority who voted Labour again. Will it be the same again in 12 months when it’s the General Election?