Son’s generous tribute to late dad

Jay with his dad Tony earlier this year, shortly before his death
Jay with his dad Tony earlier this year, shortly before his death
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A Sheffield man renovated his prized possesion - an iconic 1985 Kawasaki Ninja Superbike - before donating it to a national stroke charity, in memory of his late father.

Jay McGreneghan, of Norfolk Park, lost his father Tony in April this year following a series of strokes.

Nik Brear

Nik Brear

The bike-lover decided to honour his father by restoring his bike, and donating it to Stroke Association Support to raffle off and raise vital funds, to research stroke and provide support for those touched by stroke.

Jay, aged 41, said: “Dad spent 11 years bed-bound following his stroke, but before that he loved all things fast - cars and motorcycles - so this seemed an appropriate way to raise money on his behalf.”

And Jay had help with the restoration, after Kawasaki Motors UK and GT Motorcycles of Plymouth both volunteered their services, carrying out a complete rebuild in just one week, using parts that had been donated from companies all over the world.

Jay added: “When it was done, I took the bike to the Isle of Man during Practice week at the TT, where TT racer Adam Child completed a tribute lap of the legendary mountain course to my dad before I handed it over to the charity, which meant so much. I can’t thank everyone enough for their help with this tribute to my dad.”

Jay also set up online organisation, Fast Ninja, to help raise awareness of the Stroke F.A.S.T Test, which calls for people to make simple checks if they suspect somebody is having a stroke: checking whether their Face has dropped on one side and if they can smile; if they can raise their Arms and keep them there; if their Speech is slurred and, finally, Time being of the essence, to call 999 if these symptoms are present.

Jay explained: “Prompt action can prevent further damage to the brain and help someone make a full recovery so it’s important to use FAST to identify a stroke quickly.”

Visit to enter the raffle.