Something needs doing

Fly tippingFly tipping
Fly tipping
Fly-tipping is reaching epidemic proportions and something needs to be done about it.

First consideration must rest with provisions that deal with refuse sites and the reasons why people will not use them.

Historically, members of the general public used their refuse bins for getting rid of rubbish.

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Local councils introduced plastic refuse bins which were bigger and more user-friendly. They also introduced recycling bins/boxes for paper, glass and green waste.

Refuse sites were very accessible and open for longer periods, than currently practised by the private companies that have operated since the privatisation of refuge collection and disposal sites.

So if we want a green collection we have to pay for it. Access to disposal sites have become more restricted and under-manned.

Many of the general public are conscientious and will assist as much as possible.

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Others are inclined to be lazy and dump their refuge, in anyone else’s skips, or fly-tip in laybys or remote locations.

In Australia they have land-fill tax as we do. But there they provide strategically-placed skips for collection.

I’ve lived on Bents Road for 39 years and remember one, possibly two similar collections, but many years ago.

If they and Lincoln can do it why can’t we?

There is no doubt a big problem.

Clearing fly-tipping is costly and getting more expensive as the problem increases.

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Surely something to encourage the general public to co-operate with the local councils, which might help reduce costs, is a possible way forward.

We should also ask people to keep a look for cars, vans and lorries that fly-tip and report them, not confront them.

We all need to take a greater pride in our locality as well as keeping an eye open for fly-tippers.

The lead must be given by local councils and the privatised refuge collectors and disposal businesses.

Mike Brady

Windsor Court, Bents Road, Sheffield S11

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