Something fishy going on? Police in Sheffield investigate suspected scam door-to-door pet sales

Victims ended up paying 10 times what they thought they were being charged
Victims ended up paying 10 times what they thought they were being charged
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Police in Sheffield have warned people to beware of a suspected scam involving door-to-door fish sales.

Officers have received reports of men visiting homes in Mosborough and Halfway and attempting to sell fish.

They said the men take payment for the pets using a card machine but after paying customers have learnt an extra zero has been added to the amount taken from their account - meaning they have been charged around £150 rather than the £15 they were quoted.

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"The offenders are relying on the victims not checking the amount before entering their PIN number and may have been targeting the elderly or vulnerable," said police.

"If you have been a victim of this or if a relative or someone you know has fallen foul of this scam, please report this via 101 or report online as we have a number of lines of inquiry and believe that the offenders have travelled to the area from other parts of the UK."

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Police added that the incidents reported to them happened a number of weeks ago but they believe there may be more recent victims who have yet to come forward.

Sheffield South East Neighbourhood Policing Team advised people worried about potential scams to check out a guide by Age UK at