Someone needs to put a stop to destruction of city’s trees

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I was horrified to learn (Star July 17) that yet another massacre of our city’s trees is about to take place on Brooklands Crescent, Fulwood in spite of protests from distressed residents.

This insane destruction which is being carried out by Amey, contractors for Sheffield City Council, has already led to huge numbers of healthy mature trees being needlessly felled and by the time this disgraceful programme has finished several thousands of beautiful trees will have been lost for ever. The fact that the council have said that every one cut down will be replaced is irrelevant as new ones cannot compensate for those that have been lost. Residents in our ‘leafy suburbs’ pay very dearly for the privilege of living in these desirable areas by way of high property prices and large council tax bills.

The council has stated that tree roots are damaging the pavements but many residents in Brooklands Crescent say they would rather have the uneven pavements and keep the trees that have graced the area since around 1926. The council tax-paying residents all over Sheffield are the ones who should have the final decision and if they want to keep their trees then their wishes should be respected. However, once again Sheffield City Council choose to ignore people’s views.

I am wondering how many more we will lose before common sense prevails and someone puts a stop to this wanton destruction. There are many angry residents who do not want to see their tree-lined roads lose their character and be reduced to bland and boring places which has happened in far too many locations.

It is essential our trees are protected. They are not only beautiful to look at but also serve as pollution filters in our increasingly toxic environment. Their decimation must be stopped.

Susan Richardson

by email