Someone has to help fight the elderly people’s corner

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Thank you very much for publishing the email I sent you about charges for tenants.

Although there are probably 1,300 tenants involved, due to the complexity of what is proposed, many of the very elderly people just cannot take in the magnitude of what is coming.

I am nearly 80 and fortunately have been involved in being able to deal with problems that arise of this kind, management putting things in and elderly people not being fully equipped to deal with them.

Someone has to fight their corner and that is precisely what I will do.

Qualifications are not necessary when big brother in the form of the City Council comes with the proverbial big stick to beat those who are mostly frail, on their own and with no knowledge of how the council can and do use bully boy tactics.

I have no idea how the end result will pan out other than I just wish the council would scrap the whole idea and think more about the tenants they are taking money off and go back to the drawing board.

For quite a few years governments of red or blue have usually made some provision to keep pensioner from needing to revert to the begging bowl policy.

This, one would expect in a civilised country and one of the richest in the world.

This is an excellent policy until someone else, Sheffield City Council in this case, decides to remove some of this money.

What a despicable cowardly thing to do, taking money off a group of people with no defence at all.

Ex-councillors would be turning in their graves watching what latter-day colleagues are doing while writing off millions of pounds of unpaid rents and council tax.

This council have no belly to take on these people but are big enough to take on the elderly.

Brian Whitfield