Some Sheffield parking meters still not accepting new £1 coin

Notice on Campo Lane parking meter
Notice on Campo Lane parking meter
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Dozens of council parking meters in Sheffield sill do not accept the new £1 coin, it has been revealed.

Out of 500 parking meters 420 have been converted to allow the new coin to work but 80 are yet to be changed.

The parking meters will take up to a week to be updated.

Roy Platts, of Stannington was parked on St. James' Street earlier today.

The 62-year-old, payroll controller said: "The council should have thought it through before the coins were introduced.

"What are they going to do for trolleys at super markets as well?"

People trying to park at any of the 80 sites will be forced to leave their cars to swap notes for coins or they might have to find another place to park all together.

The 12-sided coin entered circulation on 28 March and the old pound is due to be phased out in October.

During this six month phase both coins will be accepted as legal tender.

However, the Royal Mint has already begun the process of removing the round coins from circulation so people are already less likely to find them.

Sheffield city council have been approached for a comment.