Some always sneer

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Whatever Princes William and Harry do, they’ll never gain the approval of some resentful, petulant people.

William and Harry seem to adapt very well with their peers and I wish them well in any deployment which they undertake. But whatever they do some people sneer instead of admiring them.


Affordable health

‘City divided by quality of life’ (Jan 31) laid great emphasis on the better health and life expectancy of those in the west of the city. I was halfway through the article before the main cause of ill health was mentioned – smoking.

Healthy exercise is available in the form of a walk. And as for being unable to afford good food, a 1.5kg bag of wholemeal flour costs just over £1 and will make three loaves.

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Pay for more police

I would not mind paying extra council tax for police officers to keep their jobs. But I would get rid of all police community support officers who seem to have very little powers and I’d put that money towards more front-line officers.

I don’t see what purpose PCSOs serve other than walking around, chatting. They can’t arrest anyone and it seems they don’t call front-line officers to support them when there is trouble in my area as that would look like they have failed in what they have been employed to do.

Kevan Smith, Fretson Road, S2