Solving dispute takes months

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ONE Debt Solution battles to reduce the amount clients owe - but it can take months.

Manager Simon Ainsworth said they tried to establish whether creditors’ claims were legally enforceable and challenged them if possible.

It also negotiated payments, tried to stop charges and interest and sent payments of £1.50 as a goodwill gesture. But the process could take more than a year.

Mr Ainsworth said eight agreements came through shortly after Samantha cancelled. But it appeared she believed One Debt Solution simply made repayments.

He said: “She would have been told it could take a year.

“Every single time a client calls we run through it. At no point do we say, ‘as soon as you pay us we will pay creditors’. And they can still be pursued while we dispute the claims.

“Samantha got stressed and asked for a refund, which we have made without taking any fees due to the three-month wait.”