Solar panels help police chiefs in South Yorkshire save cash

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Police chiefs in South Yorkshire are trying to save cash by installing solar panels.

Sheffield Renewables has installed a roof panel at Attercliffe police station, paid for by local residents buying shares.

South Yorkshire Police is expecting to benefit from a 20 per cent reduction in energy bills, and shareholders will receive dividends.

The panels will reduce the station’s carbon footprint.

Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Billings said: “South Yorkshire Police have now moved to providing sustainable energy at a number of its police stations, which is going a long way to reducing the force’s overall carbon footprint.

“With the cost effectiveness of these solar panels, it will also contribute to savings. I am very supportive of the initiative.”

Julia Carrell, Director at Sheffield Renewables, said: “This project excellently demonstrates how community energy groups can work with larger organisations, to the benefit of the local and wider community. Not only reducing carbon emissions but also offering a source of ethical investment for locals, and cost savings for our local police force.”