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In reply to Peter Price’s letter (Star 29/12/14) on the so-called achievements of the Labour Party under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

He talks about this and writes: ‘...and you have forgotten the achievements and the transformation they brought about to the lives of many millions of ordinary people in our country and city.’

Well excuse me but apart from Blair’s total subjection to the Right Wing US President George W Bush and the Iraq war debacle there was poverty, homelessness, corruption under their reign and then a gradual movement of the Labour Party as Blair and Brown were intent on creating a new kind of Labour Party (the Blue Labour project as I mentioned in my original letter) which meant a complete transformation of a former Workers Party into another conservative party ( with a small ‘c’) which could represent Big Business, the City and the rich – a One Nation party which everybody in the country could support and be comfortable with.

Now Blair just recently has declared that Labour is ‘too Left Wing’ and too extreme to win the next election!

What is the point of becoming exactly the same as your opponents, they might as well all get together and create a National Government if there are no differences between the parties.

Formerly there were ideological differences between Tories, Liberals and Labour but I must accept these ideological differences have certainly disappeared and now they all support the exploitative system of capitalism, so what is their point?

They have become irrelevant and I suggest if the people want a change of systems they need to support a Socialist Party which will bring in a fair, democratic and equal society for all and to be honest I cannot see any other reasonable alternative.

David Rowley (Snr)