So, we women drive you round the bend, do we?

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Look, I may not like driving at night because I can’t see very well.

Or when it’s either pouring it down with rain, or thick with fog.

I know I drive VERY slowly and virtually in the hedgerow on narrow country lanes and that my insistence on pipping the horn on blind bends irritates you both. But, hyper-critical husband and son, all of this is because I’m more safety-conscious at the wheel than you. Most women are.

That doesn’t make us worse drivers. It makes us better ones. Officially, A study by Jennings Motor Group reveals women drivers are indeed superior. You think you’re braver and more quick-witted at the wheel, but such “attributes” make you more dangerous. It is we who have fewer crashes, speeding fines and points on our licenses. We tortoises get where we want to be without upsetting anyone - apart from you. Deal with it.