So much for love tweet love: Facebook and Twitter are killing romance

Couple now experince the seven-year itch at just two years and nine months
Couple now experince the seven-year itch at just two years and nine months
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Thinking about splashing out on a big, romantic gesture for Valentine’s Day next week?

Why bother? Your beloved could barely have torn off the wrapping paper before they’re dumping you.

They used to call the downturn for relationships the seven-year itch, but now love’s death knell is sounding much earlier. Couples are most likely to end it after just two years and nine months.

A study into the impact of modern society on love claims couples today won’t last the distance love birds of previous generations enjoyed - and expected. It’s pretty tragic. Lovers can’t even have seen the paint dry in the spare room before they’re out the door bound for lovers-new.

What happened to forever? Grannies and grandpas, who courted for years with only a chaste kiss and cuddle to keep them keen, will be horrified. Though unsurprised. They know what’s to blame: the tablets and phones everyone has their nose stuck in these days. They are not wrong (old-timers never are). ‘Like’ it or not, Facebook keeps your friendships alive but it’s killing the one-on-one.

Social media and Internet dating sites make it too easy to neglect a partner, run away from problems and throw yourself into meeting someone new instead, says research.

More than a third polled complained their ex had met someone new on social media. Others felt they had rushed into things having put their faith in what they had read in their partner’s online profile, or complained their other half spent more time on Titter and Instagram conversing with strangers than talking to them. There’s also the envy factor; all those selfies of loved-up couples make us feel our relationship can’t compare.

But what’s to become of us - and more importantly, our kids - if we keep skipping off into the sunset with someone new? Sorting out a major bust-up actually strengthens your bond. Relationships need effort. Dedication. Loyalty.

And remember; the grass is always going to look greener when it’s been photo shopped.